Recapping our virtual lung cancer conference

Binaytara Foundation held its Molecular Therapeutics in Non-Small Cell Lunger Cancer conference on February 28, 2021, via Zoom video conferencing. The program saw a turnout of 88 attendees, a majority of who came from the United States.

“I believe that the conference was a good review of the many recent developments in non-small cell lung cancer, and we discussed several recent trials which are turning out to be practice-changing,” Dr. Joseph Rosales, a medical-oncologist from Virginia Mason Franciscan Health and the moderator for this event, shares.

Dr. Rosales was involved in creating the curricula for this meeting. The goal of this event was to look at advancements in molecular-based diagnostics and therapeutics for lung cancer such as mutation testing and targeted therapies.

Speakers at this event included Dr. Narjust Duma (University of Wisconsin), Dr. Christina Baik (University of Washington), Dr. Tejas Patil (University of Colorado), and Dr. Sandip Patel (University of California, San Diego).

“It was a great opportunity to connect with thought leaders in lung cancer, and of course it was great to be able to provide a venue for continuing medical education — especially online,” Dr. Rosales explains. “We also bring in innovative learning activities — such as the gamification of the question/answer session — which augments the traditional didactic presentations.”

A majority of participants indicated that this event improved their medical knowledge and clinical competence. If you would like to attend future events or view enduring materials from previous conferences, please visit

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